Appreciation and enjoyment of my paintings are aesthetic rather than intellectual. I am not concerned with what my paintings would mean, it is not an intellectual operation.


Of course I am very much concerned about the standard of my painting. I ceaselessly strive to get the effect and mood of my painting as per my expectations. I try to create mood and poetry through colors and shapes. Monet said that an artist is trying to paint his responses to a place, and this is very much my view. I go in searching and reworking the composition until it is right, from that point of view, I do not compromise.


Professionally I am a Civil Engineer but painting has always been a passion for me since my childhood. I do not believe that an artist could only be cultivated in the art schools or art institutions. Art is rather a matter of one's individuality and personal feelings. With experience, I learned to recognize when a painting looks and feel right - even if it may not confirm to any practical traditional concept. I believe we all have natural instinct to recognize the right composition in a painting. 


I have nothing to say about my paintings. It doesn't have any philosophy, advice or any message to convey. My paintings are just a visual excitement created by the form, composition and implication of light and shades. I want to create some emotional attachment with the beholder with the help of the objects, situation or composition of my paintings.


Painting for me is a journey, a journey at times laborious journey in learning, and I enjoy striving for the excellence.


Parimal Vaghela